First Dental Exam for Piper!

Most of my friends have taken their kids to the dentist at age 3, but I knew that would not be happening for us until age 4!  Piper just needs a little extra time to be okay with things!  So, I waited until this summer which was perfect for her!  I got my exam over with first while she watched and then they took her to the chair in another room all by herself!  She did awesome!  She tried to bargain with the hygienist for a little bit about getting her bottom teeth polished.  She said, "No, I think I'm fine with just the top teeth."  And, "I really don't want to do that."  in a very polite way; almost sounding like, "Thanks a lot, but I'll pass this time.  Maybe next time!"  ha!  But they finally worked it out and she left smiling!  She was a charmer.  She had two hygienists and the dentist laughing a ton!  Silly girl!  Neither one of us had cavities, I'm happy to report!

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