Going to Grandma's...

 The kids and I went for a quick overnight trip to Grandma & Papa's house.
 I think Piper had the most fun this time than she has ever had!  Grandma played school and apartment with her!  Yes, my daughter chooses to play apartment instead of house...???  She is a unique child!
 She also helped Grandma pull potatoes out of the garden.  I think it is so great for kids to do this kind of thing.  I wish it happened more often!
 Piper loved it but did act like a girl when it came to the mud.  She's never been a mud person!
 She was proud of herself though and by the end, she said, "Eww I have mud on my hands.  I'm ready to go inside!"

 Briggs was really great about stepping on plants he shouldn't have and drinking from the water hose!  That was by far his favorite!

 I took them into my parents front yard and he laid in the middle of the HOT street.  Even laid his head down!  Crazy!!
 On the way to Papa's she said, I'm going to sit on Papa's lap and take a ride!  This is a big deal because it normally takes her until the very last 10 minutes to sit on his lap and that's after he bribes her with M&M's.  She got on his lap and took a ride first thing...and even kissed him!
 And, my funny boy was trying to take his shirt off and this is where it got him!  Hilarious!  He's never tried to take his shirt off before!
Thanks for having us!  We had a great time!

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