Silly Kids

 Briggs cheesing it up!  He is talking so much lately!  His favorite things to say this week are, "Eat, eat" and "Sheryl, sheryl" but it sounds more like "Shawool"
 Last week we went to the zoo with our neighbor friends Jasmine and Savannah.  They have a little sister Hayden too!  We have great neighbors!
 Me and P were having fun with our 3D glasses again.  She took my photo!

And, this week Piper, Anna, and Olivia all went to see Madagascar 3.  I wasn't too excited about it.  They seemed to like it.  We were going to go see Brave but I heard there was witches and monsters which made it scary so I thought I didn't need any more of that trouble in my house and the previews do show a girl who talks back to her mom quite a bit!  I really don't need any more of that!  I'd like to hear what other people say about it??!!

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