Blue Bell

We took a little "field trip" to the Blue Bell Creameries in Broken Arrow with Anna, Olivia, and Aunt Sheryl. It was fun to see the ice cream being made and packaged and even more fun to eat it!  Everyone even napped on the way home for us!  That's a bonus!  A little funny story:  That morning while I was fixing Piper's hair she said, "This is like going to the Chocolate Factory, but it's ice cream. (remember, we just went to the play Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.)"  Me:  "Ya, kind of.  But, you know the chocolate factory isn't real, right?" P:  "Right, right."  So, while we are in the middle of our tour Piper starts whispering to me, "When is it going to start?" Me: "When is what starting?" P: "You know!  When is it going to start?"  Me:  "Honey, it has started.  We're on the tour right now."  P: "Nooo!  When is the play going to start?"  Me: "Ohhhh!  This isn't a play..." She was a little bummed but got over it as soon as she found out she got to have ice cream!  So funny how her mind works!

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