Happy Birthday Olivia!

Olivia turned 7 on July 25th.  She invited Piper to her birthday slumber party!  This was Piper's first big time slumber party! They swam, made pizzas, swam, ate dessert, swam, had makeovers, swam in the dark, and stayed up way, way too late!  I was told Piper was the first one to go to sleep which I am estimating to be around midnight!!  She wasn't the grouch I thought she was going to be the next day!!
Olivia asked me for months to give her 'Mom makeup' so that's what I did.  And, she LOVED it.  I bought her mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, lip stick, lip gloss, brushes, powder, and blush!  Along with nail polish and a makeup bag!  She yelled, "This is the best birthday ever!"

No, this isn't the scary clown they hired for party entertainment!  It's me!  Before the party started, I let Olivia, Piper, and Dylan fix my hair and makeup!  EEEK!!!  I thought by posting it on here, blackmail won't be an issue later on!  Don't worry, I washed my face before the party began!
I'd like to just say how proud I am of Piper!  She can swim like it's no big deal.  She jumps off the diving rock, swims back and forth from shallow to deep and never has problems!  She loves the water and you would never know that that blue stuff used to be her worst nightmare!  She hated baths and pools for what seemed FOREVER!  She loves the water now and is so confident!
Paige swimming with Briggs.  He usually just stays on the ledge in the shallow end and doesn't even attempt to go in deeper!  But, he does love when an older person takes him around the pool!
Silly head!

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