On the Move...


Well, just call us the traveling nomads!  We are moving again!  Michael is changing jobs and has accepted a position in Dallas with Crosstex.  He starts on Monday, the 16th.  The kids and I are going to stay in Oklahoma for a bit, while the house is on the market.  It's been listed 1 1/2 weeks and we've had showings almost daily; including 3-second showings, one offer that fell through and hopefully to be hearing back about another.  I am full of nervous energy and have been quite the ball of stress!  But, my house has never been cleaner!  Yes, I'm sad to be leaving.  I do love being down the road from my sister, closer to my best friend, Michael's parents and my parents, as well as many friends.  Not to mention, we live in a great neighborhood with great families!  But, I know this is the right thing for us right now (even if I don't want it to be the right thing) and it will give us a chance to see and spend more time with Michael's side of the family!  It's a new adventure that is for sure and Michael is pretty excited about going back to his "home."

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