In second grade my teacher would declare "Ketchup" days...to catch up on our work.  So, to explain my title; it's a "ketchup" post!

 We've been getting to see the Roush girls a lot lately and even more so now that we know we are moving.  Sadness!  Piper and Lilly were watching a movie together while the younger ones napped.  They were snuggle bugs!

 My sister and I took our girls to see the play "Willy Wonka" at a local park.  Anna, Olivia and Piper.  Olivia looks a little sunburned and Anna looks like a teenager!  Piper was as sweet as she could be this particular night.  She feels really special to go on special dates with Mommy!
 Briggs loves playing my sister's piano.  That's actually the piano I played when I was a kid.  Or should I say, the piano I dusted!  I hated practicing!
 We had a nice 4th of July!  We relaxed, worked, and went to a party my sister and her husband hosted at their house.  The fireworks were amazing!  You could see 6 or 7 shows going on!  Look at Briggs below!  It's a fuzzy, grainy picture but his reaction to that sparkler is priceless!  Uncle Trebor was showing him how it's done.  And, most of you know that Michael is our very own resident pyromaniac!  His favorite holiday is (drum roll please) INDEPENDENCE DAY!  Yes, he had a great time blowing stuff up!  I think some of the parents feared for their children's lives!  Ha!  Wish I had taken a picture of that!  He had so much fun!
 My very own Handy Manny!  He loves wearing these work goggles!
 And, the cheezer himself!  He loves making this face and saying, "Cheeeeeeeeese"!  Cutie Pie!

Now, we are all "Ketched Up."  It's been a fun July so far.  I cannot believe summer is almost over!  It makes me sad!  I think this has shaped up to be our most fun summer yet with kids!

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