I'm Back!!!

So, I haven't posted in over a year and during the year this blogging thing has changed significantly.  I had to change the layout of my blog and still can't figure out how to change the font, color of the font and several other things so bear with me as I begin again!

Pictures from January...

Michael gave me a fancy shmancy camera for Christmas and I still don't know how to use it properly.  It's almost Christmas time again!  I need to take classes.

Pictures from February...

This is Maggie.  Our cousin who lives 2 minutes down the street.  Piper really loves her!

Pictures from March...
Begging Mommy to "Hold You!!!"
 Our cousin, Paige came for a visit.  It's a rare moment when Briggs lets her hold him.
 We visited an Alpaca Farm in Parker, TX with new (at the time) friends.  I planned it and it turned out to be kind of lame.  But we all had fun!
 Briggs and his best friend, Asher!  And a huge sheep dog.  It's looks dead, huh?

The Nall kids and the Levy kids at Easter in Texas.  More March to come!!

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