Summer Fun!

 June & July were hot, fun months.  I have so many more pictures on my phone that need to be downloaded.  Another day...
 We traveled to Oklahoma a few times.  I kept my sister's kids for almost 2 weeks while they celebrated their 20th anniversary in Hawaii!  Michael and I flew to NYC and Buffalo, NY.  And, I had my annual girls trip with my college besties!  They came to Dallas this year.  We stayed in our house.  We shopped and ate  very well, basically!  I can't seem to lose the weight I gained then!

 Piper had fun at swimming lessons with her cutie pie friend Nora!  Briggs didn't take lessons.  He needs them though!

 And Grandma took the cousins to the American Girl store for an afternoon of fun!  These are Piper's cousins, Victoria and Diana.  They live in Plano.
 Victoria wasn't excited in this picture! wink, wink!
And, as you notice.  Piper had to get glasses this summer!  She picked these blue beauties out all by herself! She has done great with wearing them, taking care of them, and keeping track of them.  With a little help from mama!  She only needs them when reading, working on school work, the computer...basically things up close!

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