School Time!

 It's official!  Piper is in school.  Big school.  Kindergarten.  All day.  Too many hours away from home!  BooHoo!  She does have a fun, spunky teacher.  Mrs. Patton.  In the picture above she looks like she is 15  years old.  But in person, she is definitely more like 18!  I kid!  She is in her late 20's!
 Rise and Shine early photo shoot on her first day.  She was so excited about starting school.

 We walked to school with her friend, Nora, because Michael was out of town on her first day.  I needed support from someone so my sweet friend, Kate, let me join them!  I didn't cry though.  I managed to get all my tears out after Meet the Teacher the Friday before school.  I cried and cried that she was leaving the nest and because she didn't get in a class with any of the friends we know.

 Piper has a locker!  Kindergarten students with lockers!!!
 She sits at a table with three other students.  She really doesn't tell me much about them.
And Michael was able to walk in with her on the second day.  We only were able to walk our kids to their classroom on the first week of school.  After that, we had to say bye-bye at the front door of the school! That and the locker situation is a bit too much for me!
The first week went well and after that, it has kind of not been a lot of fun for Piper.  She doesn't just get to talk when she wants to and it's fast paced all day.  She is the kind of kid that needs a little down time and needs to be away from people a little bit each day.  As soon as she gets home, she enjoys eating a snack and immediately begins playing make believe.  Sometimes her make believe begins aloud in the car as we drive away from school!

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