This past year all I kept asking for, besides new light fixtures and fans, was to get out of town without kids. The big move and all the events of the past year had done me in.  Michael has been so busy at work that nothing seemed to be doable.  But, then Michael had to go to Buffalo, NY for business and so we just made a little vacation out of it by going to New York City and Buffalo!  Our friend, Sean, works for a company that has an apartment on Times Square and he offered us the apartment for free for the three nights we stayed in NYC.  Score!!  So nice! We were in NYC for Independence day, which happens to be Michael's favorite holiday.  It was fun but we both agreed that hometown celebrations in the South are much better! We didn't get any burgers or potato salad and definitely heard no Lee Green singing "I'm proud to be an American."  We did wait on the hot street for three hours to watch the Macy's fireworks.  Ehhh...that's my rating.  But, all and all it was a great, fun getaway and I'm so thankful we were able to do it!

Here's a few pictures...

 We took a helicopter tour and saw some amazing views of the city!

 We also saw the musical Newsies!  Fabulous!

 9-11 Memorial

 In Buffalo, we had the privilege of going to Niagara Falls with a private tour guide.  He was super fun and so informative.  NF is amazing!

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