Chuck E. Cheese's

Well Michael and I (mostly Michael) decided on a whim to take the family to Chuck E. Cheese's this past Saturday.  I think Michael, maybe, looked forward to becoming a parent because of opportunities like these! I am married to a big kid!  :-) That makes for a fun daddy! I was a bit stressed at the thought of taking them unplanned on a Saturday night at 6:30 but it really turned out well.  Everyone had a fun time!  It's just what we needed after a few stressful weeks of Michael traveling and life happening.  Piper, Briggs, and I have never been before so it was extra exciting!   We ordered pizza and played the games.  I think Tony's frozen pizza tastes better than what is served here but "When in Rome..."  Briggs thought it was tasty.  He ate 3 or 4 slices!  He was super intrigued by the mechanical Chuck E. Cheese singing on stage and finally started waving at it.  I guess he was convinced that rat was real! Piper loved the arcade games and earning tickets.  I think Michael helped pump that excitement level up because he wanted to earn tickets too! Between the four of us we earned about 80 tickets which we were able to cash in for four Halloween sized pieces of candy! WooHoo!  A family night experience for sure!

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