Daddy Daughter Dance 2014

 The dance preparations began last week when Miss Thang and I went on a shopping trip for her dress!  Doesn't she look like a little Diva in her sunnies!
 We settled on this cute little red dress!  Piper was super excited about this night of dinner and dancing with her daddy and with friends.  She kept singing princess songs and talking about the ball!  She wanted her hair curly and her nails painted!
 I think she looked adorable and Daddy cleaned up nice as well!
Michael and Piper took Libby, a friend and classmate of Piper's, to the dance as well!  
 Libby's mom purchased some pretty corsages for the girls and they loved them!
Piper really loved the night.  She was bouncing off the walls excited about the entire night!  I am thankful that Piper and Michael have this fun event to look forward to again!

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