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 We have this bush in our backyard that Briggs and some of his friends think is a tree.  At least they climb on it like it's a tree and act so proud that they've accomplished such a feat!  Funny!
 Speaking of accomplishing a feat...Briggs has HATED baths for several months until recently.  He would only stand and scream and cry the entire time.  But now, he's realized that the water is fun and is putting his head under even!  Such a little fishy finally which makes bath time so much more bearable!!
 Piper and a couple of her friends had a playdate on a day we did not have school.  They were cracking me up in the car ride because they were discussing who they wanted to marry!  I tried so hard not to laugh or remind them I was sitting there because I wanted to hear every detail!  It began with P saying "Hey Campbell, Nora told me she wants to marry JD."  (giggle, giggle).  N says, "Oh I love him!"  P says "my mom said that you can marry your friend!" I interject, "Yes he can be your friend but he must love Jesus and you girls have to be much older."  (I did tell Piper that she can marry a friend bc she had asked that morning about it!)  C says, "I want to marry Ethan.  He's fast!  I'm fast but he's just a little faster."  Campbell is very athletic!  Then C asks P "who do you want to marry?"  P is all giggly and says "I don't know!"  So C tells her she should marry Reed because he's a big one!  Reed is tall!  Haha!  P says, "Ok!  No.  I want to marry Denton."  Then her shoulders kind of slump and her head tilts to the side like she is in a dreamy state, "Denton is so nice and kind and sweet."  (All these boys are in kindergarten) And then we pulled into the driveway and the conversation was over!  So cute and so funny!.
 Michael works just down the street from the Perot museum.  Briggs and I met him there for an extended lunch break to spend some 2 on 1 time with Briggs.  They were on the engineering floor in this picture.  Who is having more fun??  We decided to renew our membership at the museum and do this more often this year!
 Ok--Briggs had a haircut one afternoon after school.  While waiting P whispers in my ear, "That picture is inappropriate."  She is talking about the picture of the woman above with the dark hair.  What Piper considered inappropriate is that the woman's shoulders are exposed!  Hahaha!  I love it!  I love that she thought it was inappropriate!  And I loved that she used the word inappropriate.  Maybe she is absorbing a few things I'm trying to instill!  I did try hard not to laugh!
And lastly, Michael was out of town last week and the Piper kept asking to go see Grandpa!  So, one afternoon after school we did!  The kids obviously needed some male wrestling time because look at them! Funny!  We are thankful to have Grandma and Grandpa just down the street now!  The kids really love them.  Especially Piper!  The girl loves family and friends and would love it if life was one big social affair! Actually, the other day she said, "Mom, one time I told Daddy that I wished we lived in a big house with our friends or an apartment building with our friends because we'd always get to see them and play with them and you could never say "no"."  Hahahahaha!  She is just like me because I think that sounds pretty fabulous too!

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