May Photos

 One weekend in May, we attended the Cottonwood Art Festival for the first time.  The kids enjoyed the art area for kids!  They painted pottery and Piper made a funky paper hat!

 Piper LOVES playing with friends.  She'd have a play date daily if I let her, especially with the neighbor kids.  I think we might drive them crazy!  She really loves playing with older girls.  Below is Sarah.  She is in 3rd grade and is so sweet to Piper and is a great friend to her!  The picture above is Briggs with James.  One of Sarah's brothers.  He's in 4th grade. He is so nice to occasionally let Briggs play with his Star Wars toys and actually play alongside him too! Briggs is also beginning to enjoy hanging out with the "big" boys!  I love it!

 Michael had a big job of clearing a tree root last week and Briggs was his right hand man!  I love watching the two of them together working!

 I found this vampire teeth in a cabinet leftover from Halloween.  Piper has been having fun with them!
And the sweetest picture of all!  Briggs with his best bud Asher!  This just makes me smile!!

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