Memorial Day Weekend

Michael and I decided to take advantage of the long holiday and do some fun family things.  Friday, before, Piper got out of school, I took Briggs to the zoo for a little one on one time.  He loved it!!  He told me all the animals he wanted to see and we saw them.  Afterwards, he talked mostly about the Lemur monkeys.  It was his first time to pay attention to the Lemur monkeys!  And it is really cute hearing him say the word "Lemur!"  Friday evening was pizza and movie night!
On Saturday we drove to Glen Rose. Texas to visit Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and Dinosaur Valley State Park.  It was an all day trip and fun was had by all!  

 I did have a minor (okay maybe major) panic attack when this reindeer-looking deer stuck his head inside of my window.  I tried closing the window but he wasn't budging and I knew his head was going to get stuck!  I tried shooing him away but that didn't work.  I made both kids cry by the end of it all and had to apologize for my lack of bravery in the moment!  Most animals freak me out a little, even dogs, if I'm being really honest!  So, driving through this center was a little out of my comfort zone!  But cool, nonetheless! We did have a sack of pellet feed you could throw to the animals and hand feed the giraffes; however, when we came to the giraffes it was raining pretty hard and the giraffes chose to stay under their trees!

Piper loved playing in the creek at the state park and Briggs loved digging in the dirt and throwing rocks!

Sunday, we attended church, ate lunch with friends, and then swam at Grandpa & Grandma's.  Piper was so happy to be in the water again.  She would swim daily if she could.  Briggs doesn't like swimming nearly as much and probably is even more fearful of it after he fell in on Sunday!  He was throwing a toy in and fell in.  I watched the entire scene unfold.  The only thing is, he wasn't struggling to get his head above water.  He just kept sinking!  So scary!  I jumped in and got him out quickly.  After we got home, several times that night he said, "I too scared mama.  I fell in the water.  My shirt was wet.  It was scary."  Poor guy!  I do have him enrolled for a two week swim lesson program at the end of June so hopefully he'll begin to improve!  Sunday evening we had planned to tent camp in our backyard but it ended up raining for a couple of hours when we would have been setting everything up.  Instead, we grilled hot dogs and made smores! We laid out an outdoor table cloth on the dry part of our patio and had a picnic while it rained in the background.  Michael turned on some music and we had a fun time despite the rain!

And Monday was just a lazy day of catch-up and playing with neighbor friends!  We had a great weekend!

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