Six Years Old!

Piper celebrated the big 6 on Wednesday!  Every year I usually decorate her door so she's surprised first thing!  However, this year she asked on her way to bed the night before, "Are you decorating my door!?!" She was hopeful that I would!  Glad I didn't disappoint!
She was in the happiest of moods when she woke up that day!  Daddy picked up donuts for us to enjoy! That began the sugar overload!  She loves drinking out of the "fancy" cups!

 She requested her hair to be curly!  I look at these photos and cannot believe she's so big!

Piper asked for McDonald's for lunch and chocolate, chocolate cupcakes for her class snack.  Briggs and I ate lunch with her at school, then we went back to the school in the afternoon to deliver the cupcakes to her class.  Piper loved all the attention.  She loved bringing the snacks and she loved the kids singing to her.  She has blossomed into a total extrovert! After school we had a playground play date with two other families upon Piper's request!  That was simple and fun!  And I brought more sugary treats to that as well!
 Then for dinner we let Piper pick where she wanted to eat and her pick was Chick-Fil-A and she asked that "all the family" could come!  So Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Amy, Maggie, and Jonah joined us for dinner! She opened some presents at CFA and Grandpa & Grandma brought their presents over to the house for her to open afterward.  She once again loved every minute of it!

We love Piper so much!  Both Michael and I were so excited on Wednesday to celebrate her birthday.  I am thankful to be her mom but for some reason on her birthday I was extra sentimental about it!  Piper seems so BIG to me!  Gone are the days of her imaginary friends, Boom-Boom, De-de, and Cheese!  Now she is into Barbie, learning to read, making bracelets, playing with anyone and everyone!  She is our little social butterfly, ready to play at a moments notice.  She is a goer and a doer!  She is funny and smart, sensitive and sweet, and pretty headstrong!  She has the most beautiful eyes and a contagious laugh!  She is quite dramatic and expressive.  A lot like her mama in many ways but she possesses many of the same great qualities as her daddy.  She is a complete Daddy's girl and he loves it!  I'm so thankful to have become a mommy six years ago to this sweet thing!

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