Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day Weekend was nice and relaxing!  Piper was assigned the class weekend bear, Little P, once again so we took him on a few Saturday outings.  On Sunday, we attended church and Michael made us a late breakfast afterwards.  Piper and I received pedicures, her first! And I took a much needed nap!  That evening, we ate at one of my favorite pizza places called Fireside Pies.  Briggs was less than thrilled at his pepperoni pizza and wanted to make sure I knew he had no plans to be angelic on Mother's Day!   But despite that I really enjoyed my family and our time together!  Afterwards, Piper asked to go pick wildflowers in the park so we obliged!  It was a beautiful evening.  I think we may have been breaking the rules by picking them!

I do love being a mom and am thankful I get to call these munchkins my kids!

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