Colorado Vacation 2014

Michael had a class to attend in Denver for 1 1/2 days so we made a family trip out of it!  The last time we flew with both kids, Piper was three and Briggs wasn't even one!  So it was a new experience for Briggs.  They did really well traveling, going through the airport, etc.  We flew Southwest so Briggs was adamant to carry around his personal Southwest jet toy that Michael purchased for him a long time ago!
Our first morning in Denver began really early!  Both kids were up before six because of the excitement of vacation!  Michael went to his class and we went to Denver Biscuit Company for Breakfast!  Yum!!  I wish we'd have gone back for the cinnamon rolls!

 After breakfast we went to the Denver zoo.  It was chilly outside compared to Texas but my kids insisted to be bundled up to the max compared to the locals who were in shorts!!!  Shortly after we left the zoo, the kids immediately fell asleep in the car and it began pouring rain!  Perfect timing.

 Below is a polar bear that we were so excited to see; however, he/she would not come out of hiding!

I always forget that being in the hotel room is just as exciting to them as going on an adventure!  The kids were hyper throughout our stay!  

 The second morning in Denver, we didn't have all day to explore so I took the kids to Washington Park that a friend suggested.  We had fun playing and feeding the ducks.  The weather was beautiful!! And so was the park!

 Once Michael was finished in his class and with a little catch-up work we drove almost two hours to Estes Park.  We stopped in the town center to view a herd of Elk.  This is the season they are out and about roaming freely.  I was disappointed to not hear them bugle our entire visit!

 We stayed at the YMCA of the Rockies, just outside of Estes Park in a little cabin!  Elk were roaming throughout the grounds, as well as deer and turkeys.  The setting was beautiful!

 The campgrounds had tons of amenities that were perfect for our family and the ages of our kids.  Horse back riding, roller skating, indoor/outdoor basketball, gaga pit, arts and crafts building, game building, scheduled activities like parachute games, bubbles and chalk, survival skills, trail art hikes.  Piper was in heaven!  Briggs, was of course, content staying in the cabin playing!

 The kids loved the arts and crafts building.  Piper went twice and begged to go about ten times!

 We had scheduled horse back riding several weeks in advance and that's the main thing Piper was excited about doing in Colorado but when it came time to saddle up, she wasn't so sure about being on that massive horse all by herself!  The wranglers did everything possible to help her feel safe and comfortable but she could not make herself do it.  I know she was disappointed but she'll gain more confidence in time and be able to try again some other time!  Briggs did enjoy his pony ride on the horse named Strawberry.
 Even though, Piper didn't love riding on top of the horse, she did love petting the horses and talking to them!  She and Briggs and petting her horse named Apache.  He, along with the other horses, were very gentle!

 We visited Rocky Mountain National Park one day.  It happened to be the coldest day we were there along with twenty mph winds!  We were freezing!!  The scenery was mostly enjoyed from the comfort of our heated car!!  Piper was thrilled to see a dusting of snow!

We had a great trip and even would like to go back to this same place in the future!

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Dustin & Kate said...

Wow! Looks like such a beautiful place, and sounds like a perfect trip for kids! So glad y'all had fun and that you got to get away one last time as a family of four :)