April is always are most busy month.  And this year is no exception!  But it has been a fun month too! Emerson is Four Months Old now!  She weighed 15.7 lbs at her appointment and continues being in the 75th and 95th percentile for height and weight.  
She began using the bumbo seat this month and really loves it!  It has allowed her to watch her crazy family in motion a little bit better!

Piper likes to do 'exercises' sometimes.  Mommy has to monitor the gentleness of each exercise!

Michael's birthday was on the 15th!  He happened to go turkey hunting the weekend before and then to a conference for work.  The kids and I decorated this poster and had it waiting for him the day he arrived home, which was also his birthday!
Speaking of turkey hunting...Here's his catch!
She's looking so big!
April has also brought on the allergies for Briggs.  His poor eyes have been swelling and he looks miserable when it happens.  But the cool dude handles it like a champ!  Benadryl has been our friend!

Piper gave this to me after a particular rough afternoon with her!  She can be so, so sweet!
Piper and Nora at a birthday party of another first grader.  I love these little girls and the friendship they share!
Briggs and his buddy Jadon at the new dinosaur exhibit.  It's pretty cool!
Digging for dino bones!
Emerson loves being in her little wrap when it's sleepy time.  And she loves sucking her thumb!  This was at the doctor's office.
Sleepy head when she first woke up.  This picture makes me laugh!!

Emerson is started to raise up on her elbows a little and she is smiling a lot and laughing a little too!
And the biggest thing to happen for her is she started cereal!  We're on Day 3 and the cereal is ending up down her throat and not on her bib as much!!
Emerson is also sticking out her tongue a lot!  And she's rolling over in the night from belly to back. The problem is she has not figured out how to go to sleep on her back again or how to roll back to her tummy.  So Mommy has been up every night the past few weeks!

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