Spring Break 2015

Spring break this year was spent traveling around Oklahoma to see our friends and family with just me and the kids!  We covered 800+ miles in six days.  I'm not going to lie; I felt pretty proud of myself for accomplishing this alone with three kids!  Emerson is not the best traveler so we got in the car at 8 am most mornings to travel to the next destination because that is her best time of day in the car!  I love getting out of Dallas where it feels cramped, busy, and surrounded by concrete to this view:
At my parents house, Uncle Allen took us out to see the cows.  There were a few baby calves that we saw running around.  Piper enjoyed running around and climbing on the cattle pen.

 It was a little chilly, so Emerson stayed in the car mostly.  I put on her sun hat and Briggs officially named it Emerson's "lady hat!"  Haha!  I love it!

 Papa Roger with the kids.
 Grandma Judy and Emerson.
 Grandma Judy let Piper sew a little one night.  She was all smiles!
When we visited Grammy's house, we sent to see Homa. (Michael's grandma)  Aunt Juju was visiting that day.  So they both met Emerson!
 Emerson turned 3 months on Spring Break.  She's so big and happy!!
Grammy showed the kids some pictures of Michael when he was little.  The picture below is Michael on his 4th birthday.  When Briggs saw this picture, he thought it was him!  
 Piper talked Grammy into buying them some toys!  She is now the proud owner of her first Nerf gun!  Watch out!
 At Aunt Sheryl's house we stopped at the mall and played a little.  The kids deserved some fun as a reward for sitting in the car so much.  They were troopers!  Emerson was all smiles!
 On our last morning, I decided to leave later because we'd stayed up too late and we wanted to celebrate Anna's birthday a little.  Whew, that extra two hours made a huge difference!  Emerson screamed a lot!  We got in a huge traffic jam on the interstate, and it poured rain the entire time!  It took us a lot longer to get home.  Halfway through, I decided we needed a little breather.  So we pulled over at a gas station, played in the car, took a bathroom break, and picked out some candy! The candy was to make the kids smile and mama needed some sugar to survive!
 We loved seeing everyone but were also happy to be home again too!  Our spring break fun didn't stop.  The next day we went to the nickel arcade with the kids and bowling!  We had a fun time!

And on the last day, we took the kids to a nature preserve that my friend told me about.  Michael and Piper biked while Briggs, Emerson, and I walked!  I love making memories with my family!

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