The thought of March seemed so far away in January and now that it's over, I can't believe how fast it flew by!  We had a busy March with traveling, Spring break, soccer starting back, and all the other things in between!  
My sister and two nieces came to stay with us on their spring break.  Liv is a baby magnet!  She fights with everyone over holding Emerson!
 I mean...This face!  Nevermind the headband did not match the outfit...she's a doll baby!

 A former elementary alum, Michelle Grimes, who also happens to be Roger Staubach's adult daughter, recently published a book called "Where is Pidge?" (I have yet to read it but daddy has been fortunate enough to read this new book every.single.night to Piper!!)  She came to the school to read it to the first and second graders and a local news station did a little piece on it.  One of the camera shots was zoomed in on Piper and another classmate.  The picture above is Piper's reaction to seeing herself on the news!  Hilarious!
 Briggs' new thing is to have a notepad and pencil and go around scribbling or writing.  The other day after playing with rollie pollies, he brought me this drawing and said "Mom it's a rollie pollie!"  I can actually tell that it is in fact a rollie pollie!  Cool!
Happy Emerson!

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