Emerson is Six Months!

This Cutie Pie turned six months old on June 10.  Six months is my favorite stage because it is usually the time for a baby's personality to begin to emerge.  And the smiles and coos that accompany it...I love!  Here's a few fun 6 month facts:
-rolling over and over
-sleeps on tummy or her side
-loves laughing at her brother and giving huge smiles to her sister
-Mama is her fave!
-gives big, huge smiles for Daddy and big loud breathy coos
-gurgles and blows raspberries, squeals & squeaks very loudly!
-eats sweet potatoes, peas, applesauce, bananas, and rice cereal and pretty much loves the food!
-first tooth emerged on June 7
-Weight: 16 lb 15.5 oz (67th percentile) and Height:  26.75" (83rd percentile)
-nicknames include: Emers, Emersony, Em, Emsy
-sleeping during the sixth month was more inconsistent than the other two kids because of her little illness.  She would sleep through the night sometimes but not consistently.

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