Piper's last day of First Grade was June 5th.  After school, we picked her up and headed to Oklahoma!
 All three kids napped at some point which made for a pleasant drive!
 We passed the VERY full Red River.  I have never, in my life, seen it this full!  Usually there is land with ATV tracks all over it.
 Emerson was giving me the stare down towards the end of the drive.  She.Was.Done!  We made it to OKC that evening and all was well with her after that.
 The next morning we headed to Woodward to throw my parents a 50th Anniversary reception.  Fifty Years!
 Piper loves her cousins!  And I thought this was cute.  She has recently gotten interested in taking pictures!
 My mom and dad visiting.  My dad loves chatting with others!
 Happy Anniversary!

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