Piper's First Swim Meet

 Piper is participating in her first ever swim team during the month of June!  It's been kind of a stressful start because it was delayed two weeks due to the rain; however, I think she is beginning to ease into it!
 She swam in the Freestyle relay, the individual Freestyle, and the Backstroke.  She did so good!

 Emerson tagged along.  It was pretty hot outside (95 degrees).  I just dipped her in water over and over to cool her off and there was a little cloud cover that helped us out!  The meet was delayed by an hour due to some lightning that occurred.  I wasn't too thrilled about that but all in all it went well. The day was long and exhausting but Piper did have a great day!
Before her Backstroke event, Piper became upset and refused to participate but Coach Caroline offered to swim along with her in the water and so Piper agreed to swim.  She didn't even need Coach Caroline!  Piper took off and Caroline was unable to catch up until the race was almost over!
 After that, Piper became Caroline's little shadow!  It was cute!  Piper is on the left, Caroline in the middle, and Campbell on the right!

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