Independence Day 2015

 Well actually, on July 3rd we began our celebration by visiting the Dallas Arboretum together as a family.  It was hot but overcast. The kids had a lot of fun and so did Daddy I think!  The picture above is them in a tornado simulator.
 Emerson took a red, hot nap!  Her little cheeks...
 On July 4th, Piper, Briggs, and Michael rode in the neighborhood parade on a golf cart we decorated together with the Wallace family!  They all had fun!

 Thanks to Kate for taking a lot of these photos!
 Emerson was really impressed with the parade!  :)
 Briggs had so much fun afterwards in the bounce houses!
Nora and Piper together!

 After the parade, we relaxed at home and played with neighbors, swam with our cousins and then for dinner Michael and I prepared ribs, asparagus, and apple pie!  Afterwards, we kept the kids up super late to see the fireworks.  Briggs was a little scared and Piper bored because we didn't watch them with the crowd!
The day wore them out!  

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