Playing with our cousins!

My sister and her four kids came to visit us for a couple of days!  We had fun and wore ourselves out!  Well, maybe I just feel worn out because that is a continually state these days!!  I only snapped a few pics!
 Chick Fil A customer appreciation day (AKA: free food) fell on one of the days they were here so we all donned our cow costumes, loaded our two mini-vans up, and headed to town!  And by costumes I mean, we taped spots to our shirts and wore cow ears!  Emerson was particularly cute in her cow ears!  She enjoyed some grilled nuggets! Yes, the cow ears look somewhat like a doggy or a lamb but they passed the free meal test!
We also took them to Sweet Firefly, our local ice cream shop.  I love this pic of Seth and Emerson! Love!  
We wore this chickadee out everyday with all of our pool trips!  Seth did get asked if he was Justin Bieber one time.  HAHAHA!  
 Seth took his GoPro to the pool and snapped a few fun photos!

Memories were made!  Love this family!

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