Weekend Trip

On the last weekend of March my best friend, Chandra, and I loaded up our kids and made the drive to Bentonville, AR to visit our friend Kari and her little girl Sarah Jane. We knew we were a bit crazy for loading up 4 kids 3 and under but we knew we could do it! We did it alright, and we're still tired! Ha! No, it was a good trip and good to see Kari. Chandra and I both agreed we were glad we did it but we don't want to do it again any time soon. Kari is pregnant with her 2nd baby girl so we helped her prepare some freezer meals and make a few decisions about the nursery. I think Kari and SJ were in shock over the increase in noise at their house while we were there. SJ is so quiet! But with a 2 and 3 year old it does not stay quiet long!! While Chandra and I were away, both of our hubbys were on a ski trip with 2 other guys from high school.The weather was chilly that weekend and we needed to get our big girls out of the house so we went to a mall with an indoor play area. While we were there, Chandra discovered an event going on so we took all the kids to see and it was a heart disease awareness event. They had lots of dancers and audience participation. Here's all 5 kids...don't mind the random woman looking into the camera!
Piper and Lilly got to dance with this group. These dancers were more 'natural' can we say but our girls had fun with them!
We stayed 2 nights and then made the drive back home on Sunday. On our way we stopped in Tulsa to visit our friend Lindsey. Here's the big kids on the front porch. James, Piper, Kinley, and Lilly. Lindsey's baby, Mallory, was sleeping and Briggs was being held at the moment. We stayed for 2 hours I think and these kids managed to drag almost every toy that they owned out into the living room it seemed!
We made it to Edmond and Chandra went home and I stayed one night at my sister's. While her kids went to school on Monday we ran some errands and ate yummy sushi. I think Piper enjoyed playing by herself for a few hours at Sheryl's. This is her being silly with the goggles!

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Kari said...

We had a ton of fun! Thanks again for all your help and some quality girl time!