Christmas Morning 2013

For the first time ever in the history of having kids and maybe even our married life, we woke up in our own beds on Christmas morning!  It was nice!  Piper is getting to the age where we can't pretend that Christmas Morning is on December 23rd anymore!
 Grandma & Grandpa Levy joined us while we opened gifts and ate breakfast.
 Piper was excited the entire time!  Piper asked Santa for a tiara and he brought her one!  But when she took it out of her stocking she said, "Oh it's a breakable one.  I didn't want a breakable one but that's okay."  Later I asked her why she didn't want a breakable one because in November she had told me she wanted a breakable one.  Her reply, "Because when I told you I wanted a breakable one, you laughed!"  Oh break my heart!  I don't remember laughing but she does and it hurt her feelings.  So I explained that if I laughed it was because I thought that was a cute thing to ask for and I think she's so clever!  She is very sensitive right now about being made fun of.  Even when she makes a joke and we laugh, she sometimes gets upset with us.  So, we're trying to help her learn to let things roll off her back and be a little more tough!
 Grandma & Grandpa gave her a puppy named Pepper!  She loves it!

 Briggs really enjoyed opening presents but didn't get too excited about the actual gift until he opened Grandma & Grandpa's gift!  A pirate ship!  He knew exactly what it was and said, "It's Jake and the Neverland Pirate ship!"  It wasn't that clear though!

Later that day, we loaded up and drove to Aunt Sheryl's house in Oklahoma.  On the way there, Piper got a little shut eye with one of her stocking stuffers!  Hahahaha....
And, I mentioned we had been sick.  Well, when Briggs gets sick, he doesn't get better as quickly as we'd like sometimes.  So on Christmas night he received two breathing treatments and later we took him to see our old (fabulous) pediatrician.  And she prescribed him a new steroid inhaler that has helped a ton!  Liv was glad to sit with Briggs during his breathing treatment because she had to get them too!!

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