Santa & Such!

Piper was sick on her last day of school for 2013 so she missed out on the kindergarten Christmas party.  But...she didn't realize it so there was no sadness or tears!  Hallelujah!  I was sad for her that she had to miss but poor baby was sick!  In fact, our entire family fell ill shortly after with nasty flu-like symptoms!  She was diagnosed with Bronchitis and a throat infection but the flu test came back negative!  It definitely was a stinky way to begin our Christmas break!  But, we are good now!
 Piper did get to make a gingerbread house at school at the beginning of the week!
 Briggs will not smile for the camera these days...at all!
 We tried visiting Santa on the Sunday after we were all sick because we were feeling better.  So we headed out to Bass Pro thinking it would be the least busy.  Hahahaha!  We were so naive!  The line wrapped around the outside of the building.  So we tried again the next morning at 9:30.  We received a tag allowing us to return at 1:30 for a visit with Santa!  Sheesh!  So, three visits later we actually got to see Santa for three magical minutes.  He seemed a little grumpy to be quite honest!  Piper even told us on Christmas Eve night that Santa seemed grumpy!  Isn't that sad!

Seeing these sweet pictures makes it all seem worth the hassle!  I will be planning a November visit in 2014!

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