December Fun!

 Our elf, Glitter, came back with a sweet letter to get the season started.  He's forgotten to move to a new place two different times!  Oops!  
 Briggs is the pickiest eater known to man!  He wanted to try a carrot the other day.  (I've offered them to him many times!) He didn't end up eating it but he said, "I be Cwover."  That translates, "I'll be Clover" which is a bunny on the cartoon Sophia the First.  One of the kids' favorites!  Clover eats blueberries, carrots, all kinds of healthy things!  We'll see if Clover impacts Briggs' eating habits in the future again! 
 This white trash arrangement is something fun I decided to do in our hallway for the kids.  It is kind of fun!
 We had a Christmas luncheon at bible study and our entire table wore these red antlers to be festive and win a prize.  We didn't win but we were festive!  I'm sitting next to my sweet friends, Kate & Robyn.  I'm holding Robyn's baby, Caleb and Robyn is holding Kate's baby, Bennett!
After the luncheon, I helped clean up.  While doing so, Briggs sat down on the floor and let his inner Picasso come out.  Look at that smiley face with eyebrows on the top right hand corner!  He even told me it was a face with eyes and a mouth and eyebrows after he drew it.  I was impressed!

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