Random November Photos

 Briggs is really becoming a big kid!  He knows how to make someone laugh!  He is beginning to have interests and makes them known and we can understand what he is telling us too!!!!  His speech is improving more and more!  He loves to play in the water and 'do the dishes!'
 He and I spent three days together while Michael and Piper went camping!  We had a fun time.

 One nice afternoon we took the long way through the neighborhood to pick up Piper from school.  Isn't this bridge area so pretty in the fall!  Briggs enjoyed the beauty with his eyes closed!  He woke up before 6 am on this particular day!

 On a rainy day we drove to a rug store near the Highland Park area so we decided to stop off and show the kids where Daddy asked Mommy to marry him.  It was at that park bench pictured above where Piper is standing overlooking Turtle Creek.  Piper was so giddy about it all and wanted us to demonstrate what happened that night!  It was cute!  On our way out she was looking at all the mansions surrounding us and said, "I want to live in a huge house like this someday!"  And I said (without really thinking), "Ok but you've got to be rich to live in a house like this."  So then as we approached the car, a man, who appeared to live nearby, was walking by and Piper says rather loudly, "Are the people, who live in that house, rich?"  I whispered, "Be quiet Piper."  So she says it again just as loud.  I whisper, "Shhhh."  And she says it a third time just as loud!  Moral of the story...think about what you say to a five year old!!  And answer her question the first time even if it is embarrassing because she'll keep asking!  Oh her curios mind!  I love it!  Later, Michael did explain to her that a person does not have to have a lot of money to be rich.  They need Jesus to really be rich.  And, he also mentioned having a family that loves them, a house to live in, etc.  A few days after that she tells one of our family members, "Hey did you know we are rich!"  Haha!  We'll get around to the humility lesson soon!  (Wink, Wink!)

 Briggs in this picture above just makes me smile!
 Briggs and his best buddy, Asher!  Asher came over to play one day and these are some pics I took of the two of them!

 And a few days before Thanksgiving, the tummy bug hit Briggsey bear!  He was miserable but at the same time, a sweet little patient!  No one else got sick!  This makes it his third tummy bug this year!

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