School Festivities and A Little Silliness!

 Piper had Kindergarten Career Day.  She chose to be a dentist and had to give a short presentation in front of her classmates about what a dentist does.  We prepared by reading a book about dentists and practicing what she could say plus they did a few things in class to prepare.  On the way to school that day she said, "I really don't want to be a dentist.  I want to be a soccer coach."  My reply, "That's great but today you have to pretend to be a dentist!  We are not changing now!"  It was hard to find a costume for her!  I wanted to locate a free lab coat but was unsuccessful!  The scrubs from my neighbor were perfect though!
 Her class also celebrated the 100th day of school!  Above she is decorating a 100 year old lady!  And below she is stringing 100 fruit loops on a string.

 Piper was posing for me at her Aunt Sheryl's house!  Silly girl.  We visited them on the first weekend of spring break.  I had a baby shower to attend in OKC so it worked out perfectly!
Briggs loved snuggling with his cousin Seth! And I think Seth enjoyed it just as much!! (13 years and 3 years)
Piper's class celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday!  Piper is in the very back next to her teacher!
 Another fun kindergarten festivity was to dress up in superhero shirts one Friday to celebrate being super readers...or something along those lines!  Half the time, I cannot seem to keep up with all this stuff!  My friend Kate found Superman shirts on sale at Old Navy for our girls in the boys department!  They'll fit the boys in a few years! Briggs already had his Superman shirt!  This is the best smile I can get lately!
Piper's entire class as superhero's!  Piper is in the very back and to the right.  Look for the red bow!

Piper and her cutie pie friend Nora.
And lastly, my parents sent both kids gift cards to Walmart for Valentine's Day.  We just went last week to spend them.  Briggs picked out a big dump truck and has loved every minute of it!  And, Piper picked the fake American Girl wheelchair, crutches, and cast set!  She has been pining over the real American Girl wheelchair out of the catalog for months and I've told her no over and over because it's $40 which I think is ridiculous!  So when her eyes came upon this box she went crazy ga-ga because it was in her price range. The heavens parted and the angels sang because she had found her wheelchair!  Haha!  So funny!  She has loved playing with it!  Maybe this is evidence she'll be a great caretaker when I'm 90!  A mom can only hope!

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