Spring Break 2014~Part 1

We drove to San Antonio for a little vacation this spring break.  We have not 'vacationed' with the kids since I was 7 months pregnant with Briggs.  Piper had such a miserable time on that trip that we vowed to not vacation with the kids again until Piper turned 5!  And, we pretty much stuck to that vow seeing that she'll be 6 years old next month!  Ha!  We swam at the hotel, visited Sea World for an entire day, relaxed, and enjoyed the RiverWalk/downtown area.  Piper was so excited about going on vacation, staying at a hotel, and buying stuff!  She kept asking if we could "buy stuff" when we go to "San Antonia!"  Her words!

 I love his smile!  It's rare that I get to capture it!!  The first day, we drove to San Antonio, stopping once to eat in Waco at Uncle Dan's bbq.  I found it on TripAdvisor and I probably would not recommend it but Uncle Dan himself greeted us and gave the kids free t-shirts when he found out we were out of town city folk from Dallas!  If he only knew he was talking to a cuuuntry girl!  Can't fault a man for trying.  One employee told me they had the best ribs in Texas and she said "I'm not just saying that because I work here."  Usually I'm not a sucker for such flattery but she had me, hook-line-and sinker!  My friends, they were not the best ribs in Texas!  But they were friendly folk.  Moving on...Once we arrived at San Antonio or Antonia, if you're talking to Piper, we settled into our hotel room and the kids played for a bit.  Piper was super amused by the door peep hole that was just at her level!  After playing, the kids swam in the indoor pool and we tried to swim in the outdoor pool but it was just too cold.  I did manage to try and save Briggs in the kiddie pool because he slipped and fell and I thought he hit his head.  But, when I stepped into the kiddie pool, I slipped on the same nasty slime he must have slipped on and hurt my hand and knee.  When I tried to stand up, I slipped again, only to land on my chin!  It hurt! But as I type this I'm giggling.  Michael has a pretty funny impression of my flopping around like a big fish in the kiddie pool.  Briggs and I survived but not without a few battle wounds...and some laughs!  They really must clean that pool soon!  After swimming, we cleaned up and headed downtown to ride on the river boat and eat.  However, by the time we sat down to eat it was dark so we didn't end up riding the boat that night.  The kids loved it and were excited! Briggs did say a few times, "Let's go home."  But he never whined about being home.  He was just tired!  And so was Piper!

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