Valentine's Day

 Every year on Vday I make a warm breakfast (as opposed to the normal cereal and milk we have on all the other days!) and do a little decorating to begin the day in a fun way!  And present the kids with some fun little gifts.  This year we gave them slippers, socks and some fun pens. I think Valentine's Day is much more fun with children!  But it is worth mentioning that Michael and I met on a blind date 12 years ago!  My, how things have changed!

 And now that Piper is in school, we get to participate in holiday parties!  I took with Briggs with me and he did not disappoint in the entertainment department!  He found a crown of Mrs. Patton's and wore it the entire time!
 My pretty little girl!  I love her brown eyes!
 There were plenty of activities and food to enjoy.  Not to mention all the fun valentine's cards to look at when we got home!

And that evening we stayed home and enjoyed breakfast (again) for dinner with daddy and family movie night!

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