Week in Review

This week has been full of fun things!  My sister's family came for a few days to visit while they are on spring break.  I took Piper out of school one day to play hooky!  The first afternoon we explored the woods in our neighborhood!  Someone has rigged up a tree swing that is fun and there are tons of trees to climb and crawl on!  I don't think I'll be exploring the woods too much more because the snakes will be making their debut soon I'm sure.  Shivers!  I hate snakes!

Piper learned how to blow a bubble with her gum while they were here!  Such excitement going on around here!
Best buds in deep lunchtime conversation!

Where is the boy??  Briggs sleeps with a million stuffed animals around him each night!  It's more than his little twin bed can handle!  He's been exhausted from traveling and having visitors!  I do not mind it a bit because he's sleeping later!!
This is Piper's "When I am 100 years old" activity from the 100th day of school.  It was highlighted on the wall at open house this week.  She wrote "When I am 100 years old I will sweep, be an artist, have a husband, read the books, be a grandma!"  What an impressive and ambitious centurion!
Briggs and his buddy Asher!  Briggs wouldn't look at me but Asher was happy to oblige for the camera! Briggs refers to Asher as "My Asher"!

 And this is an old picture from November or December of Briggs that I just came across!  It makes me smile!

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