Spring Break~Part 2

On the second day of vacation we spent the majority of our time at Sea World!  Briggs kept talking to us about seeing the sea lions.  He'd say, "We see the sea lions.  They roar."  He has an obsession with lions and tigers right now so trying to explain to him that their is an animal in the sea that looks nothing like a lion and does not sound like a lion is nearly impossible!  It was very sunny that day but pretty chilly because of the wind.  We braved the elements with our hoods on!
First on the agenda was watching the Shamu show, which is really called "One World!"  There are five whales, one is a baby and none are really named Shamu!  I'd like to know how long ago the real Shamu bit the dust!  Both kids clapped and awed over the whales amazing tricks!  It was a cool show to watch.  How someone had the thought, "Let's try to train these huge creatures" is beyond my realm of thought!

After the show, we grabbed some lunch and let the kids play on a tree!  Because that is why everyone visits Sea World, right??

The next show we attended was a Beluga whale show.  I don't remember the real title of this show.  But there were beluga whales, dolphins, acrobatics, and birds!  It was Sea World's version of Cirque de Soleil I think!  I loved Piper's reactions to the amazing tricks!  Briggs liked it but was more interested in acting crazy! He needed to burn some energy!

Look closely.  The trainer is riding on the beluga's nose!
We headed back to the Shamu show area because we had an arrangement to meet with a whale trainer and ask questions and take pictures up close with the whales.  Thanks to Grandpa who had the connections!! Piper asked a lot of questions and felt so confident and proud to be asking them!  We kept encouraging her to think of more.  

We saw the sea lions (which excited Briggs), peguins, and a few other things before deciding to see what rides Piper could ride because she kept asking to ride the rides, play more games, and buy something!  She wanted to ride this huge roller coaster but ended up being only an inch or two too short.  She was so disappointed.  But Michael and I, who are not too fond of roller coasters, were secretly thankful!!  So, I agreed to ride on this white rapids water ride with her.  Remember, it was chilly and I do not like getting splashed but I tried really hard to enjoy myself and have fun because we were making memories here!  I think Piper got a little more wet than me, but she had a big smile on her face the entire time and loved, loved it!  I think she would have ridden it over and over again if I would have agreed!  We have an adventurous girl on our hands I think!!  

Sea World was great!  There were many things we didn't even see and in the warmer months, even more rides to ride!  So, we'll definitely have to revisit sometime in the future!

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