Fun with Cousins

My sister and two of her girls came for a quick visit recently.  We packed in a lot of fun while they were here!  It's always so nice when they visit!  We miss living close to them!  While here, we visited a popsicle shop in Dallas called Steel City Pops.  This was our first time there and we'll be back!  Yum!

 We signed the girls up for a mini art camp at the home of Ms. Helen.  It was a great experience for them! Ms. Helen began the time with a devotional and then they began painting, took a break to eat snacks and play barbies, then back to painting.  Piper and Liv were unable to finish their paintings in the two hour allotted time so we signed them up for a one hour finishing session the day they left.  
 Above and below are their paintings at the end of the first day!
 Anna finished her dress painting on the first day!  She really enjoyed it!
 Then on the second day, Anna painted something else while the other two finished up!
 Piper's painting is of pink french doors.  Ms. Helen said Piper was a patient painter and followed her painting instructions well.  I really want her to begin some art lessons as an after school activity.  I know it would be a great creative outlet for her to enjoy and recharge!
 We also visited our church's tree fort, played outside, did some light shopping, and some swimming!  Fun was had by all and all were exhausted!
Briggs likes it when we have visitors but he always does his own thing and beats to his own drum while they are here.  Below, he is plopped down in the grass like he'd just finished mowing the entire yard and was exhausted, while the girls were swinging in the backyard!  He probably was exhausted but it was from all the estrogen surrounding him!!
 And, before they left, Sheryl and the girls helped me get all our baby/kids boxes from the attic so I could begin Operation Organize before the arrival of the baby!  Ours house is a bit of a construction zone at this time!

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