It's a Girl!

Little Levy #3 is a baby girl!  We found out on Monday!  Her forehead looks much like her siblings' ultrasound pictures!  This time, we were able to view her in 4D format.  We have never done that before, because our past doctors didn't offer it for free and I have never been a fan of the 4D imagery...and still am not.  It's kind of creepy-looking in my opinion!  We're happy to report she looks healthy and is growing on schedule!  They said her estimated weight is eleven ounces at this time.  I'm twenty weeks along so only twenty more to go!  Now to think of some fun names for her!  Piper is especially excited that we are having a girl so that she can sleep in her room since we planned for the baby to share with one of the kids!  I do need to work on getting Piper's and new baby's room ready, which probably means we'll be purchasing a twin bed and new bedding!  Briggs was less than thrilled at the announcement of a baby girl.  He mostly cried and said, "I need a baby boy!!!" each time he heard us discussing the news!  I was very surprised at his reaction because he has not acted too interested throughout this pregnancy.  But he definitely had an opinion! Today, I did ask him if he was okay with us having a baby girl now and he said, "ya."  So hopefully, the news has sunk in.  I do know that he and Piper are going to be great siblings to this sweet baby.  They love little ones and babies so I'm excited to see it all unfold!

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