Vacation Time

Michael and I joined my sister, Sheryl and her hubby, Trebor for an extended weekend vacation in Scottsdale in mid-June.  Thanks to my in-laws for keeping our kids during that time!! We stayed at the Westin Kierland.  This trip was great!  We hung out by the pool, went to the spa, read, slept, and ate!  The perfect vacation combination!  The guys did golf and Sheryl worked out like a maniac, as usual, but I thoroughly enjoyed my lazy self!  Michael and I had just celebrated our tenth year of marriage so this was sort of an anniversary getaway as well!  We did get a free anniversary dessert every single night thanks to Trebor mentioning it with every dinner reservation!  And we received a second free dessert every night since we were staying at that specific resort!  I think Scottsdale might be a pretty nice place to live...my ankles were never swollen like they are here during pregnancy and my hair fixed fabulously every night!  No humidity is good for me!

 As we were going through security at the Phoenix airport I saw this group of guys dressed in black and recognized the two below in the photo from a movie Michael and I had just recently watched called, "God's Not Dead."  Like a dork I looked at them, turned to Michael and said, "Hey those are the guys from that movie. What's their names? Oh, that's the Newsboys! (a Christian band that's been around forever.  I don't think any of them are the original band members.)" And then like a dorky person I smiled really big at them and eagerly said, "Hi guys!" Like they knew me!  And they smiled back and very calmly and quietly said, "Hey!"  In their minds probably thinking, "She's craaaazy!"  Then I think I giggled!  DUMB!  I don't even know anything about these guys other than they were in that movie and I've heard some of their music but wouldn't be able to pick their songs out! Ha!  Trebor started up a conversation with them and then we snapped a picture together!  Funny story.  Funny memory!  Fun trip!

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