Briggs, all of a sudden, is into his Lego table and his little Lego's.  Every afternoon, during room time he works on adding to his "Lego Castle."  He is very determined!  We may have another engineer or an architect in our family!  The top picture is of Briggs with hair and the second he is without hair.  He got a little summer shave and I'm not a fan!  But, it'll grow back!
 One evening, I went in to check on him around 11 pm and this is how he was sleeping!  Standing up!
 Piper attended a week of VBS at a nearby church with other friends. The VBS was a spy theme and one day they gave all the kids "spy decoys!"  Funny!
 Speaking of Piper, we've had some hard attitude issues to deal with lately but then she also has been displaying the most caring, loving heart too!  Below is a bracelet she made and specifically asked me to give to the person working at the Chick-Fil-A window one day!  She said, "please give it to them whether it's a boy or girl.  I made it for whoever is working!"  So sweet!  And one Sunday after church, we went out to eat.  While there, Michael and I realized one of the employees had to bring their child to work and the child wasn't cooperating perfectly which was frustrating the mom, who was working.  The child came by our table and talked to us for a little bit.  He told us his name and that he was four years old, etc.  Then after a little bit, Piper said, "Mommy can I please go sit with him since he's all by himself eating?"  Oh melt my heart!  We let her since we could see her from where we were sitting.  She talked to him, made him laugh, colored pictures with him...it was just sweet to watch her reaching out to this little boy that was younger than her!  I was so proud of her and thankful for the sweet heart God has given her.
Another fun thing we have done this summer, is attend an event at the Heritage Farmstead Museum.  They had volunteers on hand to teach the kids about what life was like before modern conviences were invented, such as electricity and running water!  They got to peek into a one room school house, practice carrying pails of water by the creek, use a weaving machine, see animals such as goats, pigs, and donkeys, take a hay ride, and even milk a fake cow!  They also made butter and homemade ice cream!  It was really fun for them and they did not want to leave!

 Briggs loved feeding the baby calf his bottle.  Only the baby cow was a fake, stuffed baby calf!  Stuffed bears and deer heads don't bother me but seeing this baby calf was disturbing.  Gag!  Briggs kept saying "open your mouth cow!"  Finally he understood it wasn't alive!

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Those are some beautiful kids you have there Mrs. Levy.