34 Weeks!

This picture was taken at 31 weeks!

Well, Baby Girl Levy, who is yet to be named, is due to arrive in six weeks!  Eek!  Not long at all!  I'm measuring right on time and feeling bigger by the day!  We have slowly been getting things prepared for her arrival but the two major things left to do are Christmas gift shopping and redecorating Piper's room to make it big girl/baby ready!  They are going to share!  I have a plan.  I have the the bedspread but we haven't purchased Piper's new twin bed or sheets or anything!  So that's what I'm working on this week!  But I am not panicking just yet!  I feel like I need someone to step in and take over though!  Ha! Michael and I toured the hospital on Monday.  I will deliver at Baylor Dallas, which is downtown.  The facility is great!   So there's a few things left to accomplish but it'll all get done and be fine.  I have heard that you have to relax a little more and go with the flow once you have your third or fourth so I'm just getting a head start and trying really hard to just chill out! This is my last pregnancy and I want to enjoy these last few weeks!

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