October Catch Up

Our October has not been one bit boring!  We have been having a lot of fun and especially enjoying the beautiful weather!  
 One weekend, Grandpa & Grandma invited us to their neighborhood Fall Festival.  It was pretty chilly that day but the kids loved it.  We decorated pumpkins, received balloon animals, ate yummy food, and played in a bouncy house!  A kid's dream!

 For the past eight weeks, Piper has been playing tennis at our neighborhood country club.  We are not members but they allow non-members to participate in their tennis sessions.  Piper has really liked it.  Michael can play tennis so I'm hoping this may turn into a daddy/daughter thing!  I took tennis lessons when we were first married!  Ha!!!  I was a disastrous tennis player!  More lessons are definitely needed!
 Briggs loves, loves, loves animals!  One night we were playing together.  Do you see all the pretend play happening here!  My job was to be the two turtles.  He was in charge of every thing else.  I love seeing my kids use their imaginations!
 One big project I finished right before October was this table and chairs.  Oh. My. Word. Ridiculous!  I do not think I'm made for DIY any longer!  I purchased the chairs from Craigslist a long time ago!!  The spring maybe.  I painted them and recovered the cushions.  The table was free from a friend.  And I think I received it in February maybe.  Way too long ago!  I had grand plans to re-do it!  Oh my!  The indecisive person I am caused me to go back and forth on what to do, then the hot summer and pregnant girl thing got in the way of progress and finally I got started in August and had a major staining problem.  Long Story!  So the procrastinator came back!  And Michael spilled hard resin on it accidentally at some point along the way, might I add!  So once September hit, I got busy and it turned out beautifully despite all my challenges!  The chairs are not my favorite and one of them is breaking already.  They were inexpensive and used keep that in mind.  I'd really love to purchase ghost chairs in their place.  Good thing Christmas and Birthday is around the corner!  wink, wink!  Still despite all that, I love it and am thankful to have it!
Piper is quickly understanding how to use your bracelet loom she received as a Christmas gift last year.  Look at all that jewelry she's sporting!
 Briggs has the hardest time not pestering Piper and her friends after school!  Even when they resort to shutting the door to keep him out!  Ha!  Here he laying down on the floor in front of Piper's door growling over and over, while laughing!  Just to bother them! The friend playing at the time of this play date has a big sister and a baby brother who is not old enough to be "weird" yet.  So she thought Briggs was pretty weird and crazy!!
 Piper's First Grade pictures!  Don't worry Grandparents.  You should get one as soon as I stop procrastinating and get around to it!

 The weekend following Briggs' birthday we had a lot going on!  A lot of fun things going on!! Friday night was the Fall Carnival at Piper's school.  Saturday the Roush's came into town for a fun, fast, overnight visit.  And on Sunday, we had Briggs' birthday party!
 Piper and her friends Campbell and Nora at the carnival!  Sweet girls.
 Piper had a blast on this trampoline bouncy thing!  She loved this event!
On Sunday, at the church the dads lined up the Levy kids and the Roush kids!  Piper and Lilly at six years old.  Lilly is almost three months older than Piper.  Sophia and Briggs at four years old.  Sophia is nine months older though!  And Evelyn at three years old!  Sweet friends that are family to us even if it's not by blood!

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