Happy 4th Birthday Briggs!

Briggs turned four years old on October 15th!  We had a fun day celebrating! We kept it simple that day because we had planned a bigger friends party for him the following Sunday. He is just now understanding the excitement of a birthday.  Piper and I were awake before him getting breakfast ready and he ran out to the kitchen with a big smile on his face because he knew it was the big day!! He was all smiles most of the day! 

 I made biscuits because they are his favorite and Piper helped make scrambled eggs!
 He had a candle to blow out in his biscuit!

 After breakfast, we opened presents from Mom, Dad, and sissy.  He loves opening presents and mostly said, "Ohhhh this is sooo cool."  or "Ohhhh this is awesome!"  Fun!  He had been asking for a red Lightning McQueen remote control car and I found one the day before at Target!  I was doing the happy dance!
 He also received a Ninja Turtle kit.  His favorite turtle is the blue turtle, Leonardo, because he likes his swords!
After we dropped Piper off at school, his friend, Tribb, came over for a short time because his mom needed help getting him to school that day.  Briggs was excited to see his buddy on his birthday.
 Briggs received several phone calls and video text messages and loved every one of them!  He would smile the entire time!
 After we dropped Tribb off at school, Briggs and Mommy went to the zoo!  One of his favorite places!
 I splurged (and entire $5) and let him feed the giraffes!  I don't usually let the kids do this!  He was a little nervous but really enjoyed it.

That evening, we invited Grandma & Grandpa over for pizza and brownies!  Leonardo decided it was time to show up for dessert!
 All day, Briggs had been asking for his Lighting McQueen cake and I kept telling him "You'll get your Lightning McQueen cake on Sunday at your birthday party."  But he didn't quite get it.  He was a little disappointed I could tell but he still enjoyed the brownies!

 After food, came presents and I just have to show you what Grandpa did to make us laugh!  The gift was a mini kids size trampoline and it had a picture of a girl jumping on it but Grandpa taped a picture of Briggs' head on it!  Briggs kept saying "It's blue Briggsey."  There was a blue tint to the picture.  And Piper kept saying, "That's Piper's body jumping!"  Funny kids!

 He's FOUR!! God has blessed us with this sweet boy!  We love him to the moon and back and are so thankful for his sweet, ornery personality!

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