Lightning McQueen Party!

Several months ago, Briggs told me that he wanted a red birthday party with Lightning McQueen cupcakes.  For the months following he never detoured away from wanting that exact thing!  If anyone else would ask him what he was going to do for his birthday, he'd say the same thing!  I think we have a kid who knows what he likes and is not wishy-washy! Except in the food/eating department! So, Briggs got exactly what he wanted!  Red Cupcakes and Lightning McQeen!  And it turned out great!  He was so excited to see the cupcakes. I think he gasped, then grinned from ear to ear!  So sweet and easy to please!

 I asked him what friends he wanted to invite to his party.  He told me "Asher.  He's my best brother!" He has been referring to his buddies as brothers lately!  And he wanted to ask Tribb, John, Jadon, Davis, and Weston!  So we invited those six boys along with their parents and siblings.  This was our first time to host a big party at this house.  I was kind of nervous that we didn't have enough space, but the Lord blessed us with beautiful weather and the kids ran around playing for 2+ hours!  It was great!  And it reminded me once again that you can serve others out of your home in all kinds of ways, whether you live in a huge house or a small house!  And, so hopefully, I'll be doing stuff like this a little more!
 And, let's not forget big sister and her love of all things social!  She didn't mind that the party wasn't for her.  She had just as much fun playing with her friends in attendance as well!  That night, after everyone left she sat on the couch and said, "That was so much fun!"  Her social love tank was full to the brim!
 Ignore mommy's weird face!  Briggs loved everyone singing to him and blowing out his candle.  He especially loved eating the sugary treats!
 Here he's holding his Lightning McQueen ring while he has his two Lightning McQueen cars sitting in front of him!

Fun was had by all and after the crowd left, Briggs enjoyed playing with some of his new toys!  It was definitely a fun day celebrating our fun boy!  We were thankful to be able to share his special day with others and thankful that he is already blessed with some great buddies!

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