Fall 2014 Daddy Daughter Campout

Last weekend was the Daddy Daughter campout for the first grade girls and it was FREEZING!!  I was so thankful that the Moms do not have to do this!  Michael purchased a special heater for their tent to help out and I sent every blanket we had with them!  Brrrr!  Sadly, Nora's dad, Dustin, came down with the stomach bug the morning of so Michael and Campbell's dad, Ben, offered to take Nora with them!  The three girls and Michael and Ben shared a tent to help stay warm!  They only spent one night and I do not blame them!  Piper had fun.  They watched a movie outside on a sheet, made necklaces, hiked and played!  I'm thankful Michael and Piper have this opportunity.  Hopefully, it will be a little warmer in the Spring!
 Piper, Campbell, & Nora about to leave for their fun weekend!
 First Grade Girls.  Piper is in the back with a navy hat and a big pink pom pom on top.
Emme, Campbell L., Piper, & Nora in a cave.

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