Well I'll admit, I haven't done such a great job focusing on "Thankfulness" with the kids this month. We do discuss it and pray prayers of thanks to God but I haven't gone out of my way to consciensly tie in Thanksgiving and the act of being thankful this year.  However, they're getting it here and there so I won't worry to much about it this year!  I took Briggs in to the doctor for his well check and they asked each child if he/she wanted to fill out a 'Thankful Leaf" and Briggs did.  So I said, "Briggs tell me what you thankful for and I'll write it on your leaf!"  His reply, "Ummm, I'm fankful for pipuh!" Oh Melt My Heart!  Now, today at school he told the teacher he was thankful for "Red.  Because red makes orange, orange, orange."  ?????  Orange is his favorite color.  But that wasn't nearly as deep and encouraging to hear as being thankful for his sister!!

A few weekends ago, we made a trip to my sister's home in Oklahoma to spend the weekend one more time before baby girl arrives and celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents and sister's family. We had a great weekend and ate like kings!  I took this one picture of Briggs sitting on my Dad's lap.  Neither seem to be able to pose for the camera properly!  Ha!

Piper did this little assignment in class.  I just love it and am so thankful for Piper!  She wrote "I am thankful for GOD because I love him.  I am thankful for Jesus because I love him."  Her little heart is definitely being stirred right now in all things God and Jesus.  She has a desire to talk to others about loving God and making sure they are going to church.  It is really sweet to see and funny at times.  Also very convicting too because I need to be just as passionate.  She has asked every one of her teachers and classmates if they go to church and where and if they do not, why?  We have encouraged her to ask them if they love God and if they love Jesus and to tell them why she loves God.  And if she wants to, she can invite them to church with us.  She hasn't done that yet but I'm sure she will soon!  I am praying that she continues to be drawn to Christ and to be called into a relationship with Him.  Right now, in my bible study we are discussing how to know the will of God and watch for where he is working and when we see him working, go there to work.  It really hit me this week while involved in the study, that I see him working in my home with my child and that is just as important to cultivate and be involved in as being a missionary in Africa or serving in a ministry nearby.  I'm just in that stage of life and I have a great responsibility to lead and teach these kids. (which I'm not always perfect at might I add!)

And to end on a much lighter note...thankful for this boy who makes me laugh a ton!  What a goofball!

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