Mommy/Daughter & Father/Son (and Grandpa too!) Weekend Date

Piper and I had the pleasure to spend a Saturday morning together, just the two of us!  We dressed up cute and went to a Dallas donut shop known for it's great donuts!  Hypnotic Donuts. It was fun to try something new and popular.  But it wasn't hypnotic, mesmerizing, or out of this world awesome! Just another donut!
 Then we headed to the beloved American Girl Store!  If I'm going to be real honest, I'm not a huge fan of the American Girl store.  It's so overpriced and makes your sweet little angel get the wantsies really bad.  BUT it is special and is fun and I am glad to have had opportunities to share with Piper at this place.
 She was trying to be tres chic in the Parisian hat!  Adorable!
 Piper has had a gift card to spend since Christmas and we're just now using it!  She chose to have Isabella's hair fixed at the special salon and she also picked out a new puppy for little Isabella to play with!  This doll has gone through a few name changes in its two years of life!  And on a side note, could you imagine working in a 'doll hair salon' everyday???
 While Mommy and Piper were enjoying fantasy land, Daddy, Briggs, and Grandpa made their way to Ft. Worth to an air show.  Apparently it was fun but really hot and Briggs was scared most of the time!  He is sensitive to noises!  And wouldn't keep his head phones on!

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