Halloween Week 2014

So let me start by stating each year I want to do some kind of matchy/theme kind of costume idea for both kids.  And, so far they've been cute and I've been able to talk the kids into my idea. It's like I have this standard that I'm not a great mom if I just go purchase something for them to wear.  Dumb, I know!  I may be rethinking my philosophy for next year already! So, this year I thought matching clowns would be really fun and adorable.  I had to convince Piper to go along with my idea, but Briggs seemed pretty on board...until the costume was put together.  And he kept growling and saying he wanted to be Spiderman!  Looking back, I probably should have let him.  But I'm stubborn so changing my mind can be tough!  As soon as I put the clown costume on Briggs, I couldn't stop laughing and he couldn't stop looking miserable!  hahahaha!  See picture #1.  He is upset!  But Piper really loved how hers turned out!
 We dressed up for the Halloween carnival at Michael's company on Tuesday of Halloween week.  Somehow I got a silly face out of Briggs.  And I will enjoy pulling this photo out in years to come!  Especially when girls begin coming to our house!

 The kids always have a lot of fun.  There's food, face painting, games, pumpkin decorating, candy, etc!  Briggs asked for a dinosaur to be painted on his face.  I said something little on his cheek would work.  Holy Moly!  This girl was no joke!  That was his first successful face painting experience!
Briggs mostly played on the bounce house with a slide!  He had loads of fun!
Our elementary school has a pumpkin decorating contest each year.  This year there were a quarter of what I saw last year.  So each student that decorated a pumpkin received some kind of special award.  Piper's pumpkin won the "Super Sparkliest" award!  It was sparkly with all the glitter she poured on!
 Red Ribbon Week was happening the same week as Halloween.  The last day was crazy hair!  She had braids all over her head!
 Friday night was Halloween!  I would like to say that I love Friday night Halloween!  Can we make it that way every year??  It cooled down a lot so we bundled up to go around the neighborhood!
 Briggs had enough of the clown wig so Daddy decided to wear it that night!  And thanks to Grammy, we were all sporting some fun glow-in-the-dark accessories!  Especially our glasses!
 We had a fun night in our neighborhood.  We ran into different friends along the way and were able to join them.  Piper told me she was more excited about seeing all the people than she was about the candy!  Love my social butterfly!!
Piper with her friend, Campbell.  We hung out with them for a few streets!

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