First Dental Visit

Another milestone in the books!  Briggs had his first dental exam!  I always wait until they turn four for this special occasion because I never trust that my kids will cooperate.  Even when Briggs was being a little stubborn, I couldn't stop laughing!  He kept doing crazy and funny things.  There was a few moments that the hygienist and myself thought this was going to be a less than successful visit because Briggs was less than thrilled about the noise of the polisher and a few other things.  But I was able to gently bribe coax him into it and we had success!  Limited success anyway.  She didn't give him flouride or take x-rays because she thought he might be traumatized and they want to ease the newbies into it! Later that night Briggs said, "Mommy, we can go to the dentist again together!" Smile!

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Byron Kennedy said...

I understand Briggs’ attitude during his first trip to the dentist. Children's reactions may vary, and I think him doing crazy and funny things is just normal. I guess that was his way of fighting off his nervousness. Hahaha! Anyway, I see that your son is a very strong and confident young boy. I'm glad that he is excited to go back to the dentist. Thank you for sharing that, Shelly! All the best!

Byron Kennedy @ APlus Family Dentistry